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Diving is one of the most popular sports on holiday especially when it is in dream places with beautiful coasts and a rich and wonderful sea. But not everyone can be an ace of diving, also to remedy this site offers you theoretical and practical diving courses. Follow us and come to discover all the lessons.

A short presentation

This site focuses on diving in Philippine in the Tubbataha Reef, which is a natural park and a protected area of ​​Philippine. It is a beautiful place for diving especially for beginners. But before embarking on this sport, you have to understand some things. Beginning with the fact that diving is not a sport like the others, it takes a mental preparation before launching and here we are preparing you. We must first confront the water, know the apnea and the resistance of its organism in the sea and the communication with the marine nature which is the result of a natural interaction. All of this can be found in the theoretical section. But you also have to learn at least about where you are going to dive. In this case, it is generally Tubbataha which is a very famous spot and very captivating for the neophytes. It is after these few conceptual preparations that the apprentice divers can move on to practice.

How to move on to practice?

You can not say you know how to dive if you had never tried. Also, duvetubbataha.com gives you an opportunity to book diving courses in practice. With professionals, you will literally throw yourself into the big bath. You will be guided and you will use any advice you may have received from all the theoretical instructions published on this site. The ambition of the site is to make diving an activity accessible to all and that people are no longer afraid to practice it. For a fun holiday optimized by various discoveries, come and take your diving lessons here.

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