A swim spa to keep fit

Fan of aquatic activity but also relaxation, choosing between a spa and a swimming pool seems almost impossible. Thus, by consulting the advice of the manufacturers for the purchase of jacuzzi or spa and exposing them the ambiguity of the choice, you have been advised to take a swim spa. Zoom sweats this promising basin.

What is a swim spa

Today, more and more homes are looking for comfort and relaxation at home. For this, they decide to install a spa or a swimming pool for those who have a considerable space in their garden. But by opting for one or one, the whole family's wish list is not fulfilled. This is why the swim spa is very often offered as a compromise between spa and pool.
The swim spa then combines the spa and the swimming pool or relaxation with sports activities. To do this, the manufacturers have molded a two-zone basin in a single shell. In terms of operation, the two compartments are independent in some areas but remain complementary in others.

It is important to know that a swim spa is a pool with a counter current swimming system.

Operation and installation

The swim spa is available in above ground, portable or built-in models. Most often, the built-in model is offered because of the size of the hull and its material. As mentioned, the swim spa works with a counter-current system. It promotes swimming in place against high pressure water jets. The swim spa is more effective for endurance swimming exercises, but not speed.

This type of spa includes pumps, jets and various independent settings to maintain and control the temperature of the swim at 26 ° and that of the relaxation at 37 °.

Why a swim spa

A swim spa combines relaxation through hydrotherapy and sports. In a part of the pool, the one that works against the current, aquagym, swimming or even aquaslim is possible. At the end of the workout, you may want to move directly to the relaxation phase to relax sore muscles through physical activity.

Note that a swim spa can accommodate ten people; this is why it remains the alternative to a swimming pool and spa because of its user-friendliness.

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