See the British Virgin Islands and visit the shores

Known as one among the most sailing destinations worldwide, this archipelago is great for all levels of sailors. With four main islands and plenty of smaller islands, the BVI are begging to be explored. If you are looking for the right yacht charter within the Caribbean, look no further than the BVI.

The bvi boat renting

The islands are all particularly unique in their very own way, during which some are declared national parks, while others are simply uninhabited. Needless to mention, the BVI may be a popular yachting destination for a getaway. It’s impossible to be bored within the BVI; plan an extended vacation, with bvi yacht charter you can yacht within the archipelago, and explore the region for days or maybe weeks. We guarantee that you’ll love every minute of your holiday. Find your BVI boat charters with a personal catamaran or sailboat and plan your optimal travel itinerary.

Pricing and when to charter a ship within the British Virgin Islands

The one great point about the BVI yacht charters is that sailing season are often all year round counting on your project. Typically the peak season will run from December to April with the islands being pretty busy. During this era, you will find many regattas and stronger winds. Going into June, the winds will start to lull and everything is going to be more peaceful.

Do you need a license to sail within the BVI?

For yacht charters within the BVI, no license or certification is important. Although nothing is required, it's strongly recommended to possess previous experience dating back no quite 5 years. You will get to present a nautical CV detailing the previous boats you've captained, also as what waters you previously sailed.

Information about sailing within the BVI

With your sailboat charter BVI, you'll presumably start your charter from Tortola, with its protected reefs. The island is characterized by its numerous yacht-filled harbours. With incredible mountain ranges and beaches, the capital island has plenty to boast.

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