Why rent a yacht charter in Greece ?

Few countries are more popular for a yacht charter in the summer than Greece, a place famous for its history, mild climate and friendly people. Everyone loves Greece for a different reason, and even more so those who have a propensity for sailing, so we have created a list of the things we love the most about yacht charter in Greece. Cruising the Greek islands with a yacht charter, you can go from island to island in all lightness and enjoy all the diversity of these fascinating regions. From traditional villages with white houses with bright blue roofs, covered with lime and bare ornaments that overlook the cliffs, through the islands covered with olive groves and ancient ruins, not to mention the luxury resorts, where the best of Greek gastronomy is served in traditional taverns. There are so many reasons to prefer to discover the Greek islands by renting a yacht charter with crew as explain below

More than 5,000 islands to explore !

Greece has one of the longest coastlines in the world (13,676km), as well as more than 5,000 islands, most of them uninhabited. That means that you can always discover your own little paradise while cruising in the Aegean Sea and hoist your own flag on a small islet for a few hours. Isn’t that cool?

The beaches

But Greece has more to offer than its rich historical heritage! It is more referenced as a dream vacation destination, due to its azure waters and sumptuous beaches, found along the coast of its beautiful islands. Who has not seen the pictures of the turquoise waters, touching the stretches of golden beach or the impressive formations of volcanic rocks? This small country is also the eleventh largest coastline in the world - another reason that makes Greece, one of the most beautiful destinations to discover the navigation, in luxury boat rentals.


Culinary diversity is of such an excess in the Greek Islands that you could enjoy something different every day for years. Over the course of your vacation on your luxury yacht charter greece, you will have the privilege of discovering that each island has its own cheese and that each honey is also distinctive, thanks to the unique vegetation of each island, and of course, no need to mention the fresh products of the sea that we find absolutely everywhere.

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