Why scuba diving helps you relax

The scuba diving in the deep blue of the ocean or seas of the globe, in the middle of the gardens of coral, or underwater forests, surrounded by fish myriad to the infinite colors, is the means of relaxing itself with great trip.All starts with the vastness of the oceanic extent ,and feel the sea mist and smell the salty odor , elegant scum, then the discovery of an exceptional spot.

We are dressed with the traditional suit of scuba diving and bottles to breathe under water. We are checking with precaution our equipment, pressure reducer understood, we have donning fins and masks, and suddenly , the ceaseless and discrete noise of the wind and the lapping of water disappears with you under water.

Contrast is seizing: calm, serenity, lightness and discovery. It is necessary to feel on its body this pressure and the soft caress of the water, you can feel instinctively like a baby , the water intertwines you in a rediscovered embryonic dance. Diving under water, it's like to explore the depths of the human mind.

The noises are deaf, the heat of the combination which protects you, the feeling of undulation of the body and the effect of suspension, are an oneiric and ultra sensory experiment.Under these conditions, your heart may seem to be faster between concern and amazement, but well quickly, the emotion and the excitation include you entire, and as the child scans the incipient world, you probe this marvellous painted universe of blue and azure. A wave of calm is impregnated in you, you are well.Scuba diving with many regards, precedes already your thirst to discover the proliferation of life, in magic places, around the globe, surrounded by professionals and adventurous men of the seas.

You 're already surfing here along the coral reefs, in lost nooks, the seabed with wrecks of pirate boats,stroking with your hands the undulating algae , and cradled by the sea swell of ocean floor, meandering through deep water. You are relaxed, fixed one moment by the illusion , to be become like a host of the sea life, forgetting your stresses, you are like a fish in water.

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